Warranty Time of Erica Bag

Warranty Time of Erica Bag

Warranty Time of Erica Bag

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Erica Bag's Warranty Policy

The warrant policy of Erica Bag:
All Erica products are available for a lifetime warranty. It affirms that our service is not only the best one but also shows the confidence in the quality of each Erica product.

When buying Erica products on all online channels we have listed, you are completely secure that in case there are some faults from manafacture or from customers objectively. We offer a free lifetime warranty for you. 

For Gold & Diamond members:

We will apply a warranty at your house if you live in HCM City,
In other provinces, you only need to notify the problem of product that needed to be guaranteed - The delivery staff will come directly to your house to get warranty products & send back to you after 5 - 7 days.

All the following faults are completely free of charge: some faults relating to accessories such as zipper,etc.

Warranty Time of Erica Bag:
- Products are wallets, women's bags: appointment time is 7 days

- Products are backpacks, canvas bags: appointment time is 5 days


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