Return Policy & Refund Policy Erica Bag

Return Policy & Refund Policy Erica Bag

Return Policy & Refund Policy Erica Bag

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Return Policy & Refund Policy Erica Bag

Erica with the motto, desire to bring the right products, best to bring confidence to customers. However, we understand the changing needs of our customers - so in order to bring the best Erica product service experience we accept customers to return the product within 90 days of receipt. .

1. Time of receipt of change / return of Erica Bag
After receiving the goods, customers have the right to consider and request to change / return the product within 90 working days. Erica is sorry and has the right to refuse to accept any request for change / pay from you arising after this time. The determination of the change / pay time is based on the employee's notes on the delivery note or postmark if sent to the province.

2. Processing time required to change / pay Erica Bag
After the customer notifies the request within 5 - 7 days, please return the product and the difference (if any - when changing products) to Erica.

After this time, if we have not received the product change and the difference (if any), the customer's change / return will be canceled.

Erica will return to the customer a new product or refund of the product within 7 working days of receiving the modified product of the Customer.

3. Terms of payment / payment Erica Bag
- The product is intact as it was at the beginning, with full stamps (if any), no signs of being used.

- Product is not dirty, damaged, scratched, smelly or used.

- There must be a full delivery slip of accessories, gifts, warranty (if any).

- The product is not on the list of items not changed / paid.

4. Erica's Refund Method

Refund via bank account. Time to complete refund procedures: 5-7 working days. However, bank-side procedures may take from one to two days to display the chargeback amount in the customer's account.

For international payment cards (Visa, Mastercard, ...), your card account will show the amount of your next statement (estimated time is 30 days depending on the bank). .

Note: Refund via bank only applies if the refund amount is over 200,000 VND.

5. In case of change / return of goods at the request of customers.

Customers will only be redeemed for products purchased and only when Erica has a replacement product. Replacement products must be of a higher or higher value than previously purchased.

6. In case of change / return due to mistake from Erica

Erica will receive the product at the address of the customer at the time of appointment in Ho Chi Minh. In other provinces, customers send products to 12/5 TX38, KP3, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. The full shipping cost will be paid by Erica.


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