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What is Micro Fiber?

1) Leather Micro Fiber Leather is artificial leather from micro fiber
Microdermabrasion is a synthetic artificial skin, which is a high-tech imitation of the finished leather. Microdermabrasion simulates a leather structure, using the original material as "sea-island" fiber (usually polyester and polyamide, fibers in the range of 0.3 to 1 dtex) and High quality polyurethane resin, using the technology of manufacturing non-woven needle-like fabric to create 3D structure. The characteristics of microfiber skin are quite similar to those of leather, but their physical and chemical properties are better than those of leather.

2) Features of Micro Leather Leather
Micro fiber from micro fiber has a better appearance than leather and surface effects can be achieved like leather;

Tear strength, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, etc. better than leather, and heat-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali good, not faded;

It has a small volume, soft, able to ventilate, good ventilation (good osmosis), smooth touch, easy to care during use;

Good antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-fungal, toxic, environmentally friendly and supposedly green products of the 21st century;

Easy to cut, effective use of materials, easy to clean, no odor;

The ability to diversify items very well.

There is good ecology.

3) Applications of Micro Fiber Leather:
Used to replace the leather to make most types of products made from leather:

Making leather and leather furniture;

Making car furniture, leather car seats;

Briefcase, leather bag;

Leather shoes;

Leather clothing;

Leather gloves;

Leather products inside;

Leather interior;

Other forms of leather products.

4. Ability to replace leather with Leather Micro Fiber

4.1. The mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the skin

The quality criteria of shoes and leather products are basically determined by the physical, physical and chemical properties of the raw materials.

The properties of leather depend on the weaving, the structure of the collagen fibers, as well as the method of finishing the skin surface. The properties of the microfiber skin depends on the wicking of the fibers in the substrate and the bonding of the substrate with the surface coating, the nature of the coating.

To assess the suitability of some skin samples from microfibers to replace the hides and shoe caps (materials that have to deal with mechanical, physical and chemical effects during manufacture and using shoes, high demands on mechanical, physical and chemical indicators), have tested the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of leather samples from micro fiber and leather as the basis for matching. Testing of 6 samples of microfiber scabbard: 4 samples for hats, 2 for hats; Two samples of good quality leather of X26 Corporation - Ministry of Defense: 1 sample for use as a shoe, 1 for shoe use (Table 1 and 3).

Testing of leather samples was conducted at the Footwear Research Institute. The results shown in Tables 2 and 4 show that the properties of the microfiber skin samples are superior to that of the leather, and are higher than those required for the material. Shoe and luggage complying with ISO / TR 20879: 2007 and ISO / TR 20882: 2007, especially tear strength, durability (coating adhesion with substrate).

Table 1. Microdermabrasion specimens and leather hulls were tested


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Table 2. Test results for skin and cuticle fibers


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Table 3. Microdermabrasion specimens and sublingual leather specimens were tested


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Table 4. Test results for leathers and leather from sliver flakes


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The properties of the skin are tested in the standard skin (skin area) of the skin, the rest of the skin of the poor quality skin. Thus, when using leather, the details on the product are usually made from different skin areas and different quality. At the same time, the skin from micro fiber is structured, uniform quality, so the product is more uniform quality than leather products.

With these test results, shoes made of microfiber leather have good properties: high durability, good hygiene and ecological standards. The breathability of the skin from microfiber is much higher than that of the leather, and is several times higher than that required by the standard, ensuring good hygiene for the shoes (keeping the feet dry, not hot). This is the superiority of the skin from the micro fiber compared with the traditional artificial skin (usually with ventilation, very low humidity). The durability of leather products from microfiber fiber is higher than that of leather products, especially the products used in complex conditions, due to the micro fiber from the piece of tear strength, durability. The adhesive strength of the substrate is much higher than that of the leather.

4.2. Effective use of Micro Skin Fiber

Composite skin with complex shape and inconsistency between the skin, on the skin with errors, areas of different quality (need to cut for different details


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