Women Clutch Erica ER14 - Steel Blue

Women Clutch Erica ER14 - Steel Blue

Women Clutch Erica ER14 - Steel Blue

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  • Women Clutch Erica ER14 - Steel Blue
  • Price: 82 usdERICA-SHOPEE
  • Number: ERICA-TIKI
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  • Erica Bag - ER14 - STEEL BLUE

    Product code: ER14 - STEEL BLUE

    Model: Women Clutch

    Material: High-quality Microfiber leather with export standard to USA and EU

    Color: Steel Blue

    Origin & production: Vietnam

    Accessories: High-quality 3-way zippers

    Main part: 3 parts

    Extra part: 14 parts

    Size: 22cm x 3.5cm x 13cm

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Women Clutch Erica ER14 is made from high quality Micro Fiber leather with characteristics of durability simulating real leather. In addition, some features are shown that they are better than real leather such as abrasion resistance, tensile strength, heat resistance, acid resistance, no color fading, etc. 

All Erica's products are made from Micro Fiber leather which is antibacterial, anti-moldy, and contains no toxic chemicals. That is why they are very friendly to the environment and are considered as green products of the 21st century.

- How to clean up Erica handbag & purse

To clean up handbags & purses, please gently wipe the surface of the bag with a damp cloth.

For dirt in the surface of bag, apply Erica's bleach to a soft cloth and gently wipe it until the stain disappears, then use a dry towel to wipe again.

To keep handbags & purses durable, remember to limit wetting. When women handbags & purses are wet, do not be flushed, sunbathed, or heated, which can make handbags and purses contracted or damaged. Use dry paper to put it in the bag to desiccate, hang up women handbags & purses in the shade.

- Store Erica handbags when not in use

When you buy products at Erica, the bag will be placed in a canvas bag with a moisture-proof bag and a bit of paper inside. When not in use, tuck the paper into the bag to keep the bag in good shape. Then put the bag into a canvas bag with moisture, hang up or put in a cool place.

Erica shipping fee:

With Gold and Diamond Members, free ship in all provinces in Vietnam and unlimited usage.

With Silver Members, 20,000 VND for every delivery.

With Copper Members, 30,000 VND for every delivery.

How to return or change products and the way of refund of Erica:

Erica allows customers return and change products during 90 days.

Refund your money during 7 working days through some payment application or through bank transfer.

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